Property & Casualty Risk Management

Risk Management is the art and science of reducing the exposure to loss. This offers two benefits: fewer loss incidents and better treatment in the marketplace. Both are key to lowering to total cost of risk. Both are delivered by our Property Risk Management and our Casualty Risk Management practices.

Property Risk Management Services

  • Loss prevention techniques and Safety training
  • Property risk advocacy to assist you in understanding specific exposures from both operational and financial perspectives
  • Risk analysis and risk planning assistance
  • Interpreting insurance carrier concerns
  • Project management assistance to develop specifications for HPR insurability and recommendations for cost-efficient solutions
  • Verifying property (COPE) data for marketing
  • Business continuity planning
  • Negotiating risk improvement plans and third-party engineering services
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art modeling software, developing PML figures and annual aggregate loss projections for the perils of catastrophic events

Casualty Risk Management Services

  • Safety education and monitoring services
  • Workers’ Compensation safety program development and implementation
  • Assistance with OSHA and PEOSHA compliance
  • Product liability risk control consulting
  • Construction Safety Services
  • Ergonomics evaluations
  • Cumulative injuries/repetitive motion injury and exposure assessments
  • Customized training programs
  • Motor vehicle programs

We use integrated consulting and technical claim and risk control services to help lower total cost of risk. Our Claim & Risk Control team can help clients increase return on investment in their business, people and properties. Alamo Insurance Group can provide highly experienced resources that help:

  • Get claims paid quickly, efficiently and appropriately
  • Prevent and mitigate loss and exposure to loss
  • Contain a loss, should one occur

Our service delivery platform addresses the simplest to the most complex exposures by employing tactical, technical and strategic methods, supported by powerful customized analytic tools.

  • Tactical services
    • Claim reporting
    • Claim monitoring
  • Technical services
    • Claim advocacy
    • Complex claim resolution
    • Loss mitigation
    • Project-specific loss control consulting
  • Strategic service
    • Risk planning
    • Risk assessment
    • Consulting
    • Data analytics