HR Consulting & Benefits Administration

A Helping Hand for HR

Chances are, you are spending way too much time on benefits administration and paperwork, compliance management, putting out fires and answering routine questions from employees– leaving you little time for the more rewarding aspects of your job.

At Alamo Insurance Group, we offer more than just benefit brokerage services. We’re business professionals who function as an extension of HR in the areas YOU require a helping hand. We work directly with HR to customize standard and enhanced services that control costs, maintain compliance, streamline administration and increase employee engagement.

We specialize in group employee benefits and HR solutions which focus on:

  • Relieving you of the burden of dealing with carriers
  • Monitoring compliance
  • Communicating with your employees about benefits

On the communications side, your employees can interact directly with a benefits service center representative to answer their benefits questions and problems. We are also able to provide an array of employee education tools and informational alerts and updates for you.

We have the capability to tailor solutions to boost your firm’s bottom line and enable you to reclaim your workday through:

  • Aggressive negotiations. We routinely achieve first-year double digit savings for our clients and offer a no-surprises policy on annual renewals.
  • Maximizing HR productivity. We offer compliance notifications to ensure all ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA and other legal obligations are met.
  • Employee claims assistance, education and communication services. We help boost employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Your employees deal with the same benefits service center team. Ninety percent of employee problems and questions solved within 24 hours.
  • Cutting Edge Technology solutions to relieve your administrative burdens.

Our mission and guarantee:

  • Provide quality products and services at a fair price.
  • Identify the benefits-related bottlenecks in your workday.
  • Put the needs of your organization and employees at the center of all decisions, processes and procedures.
  • Relieve HR of compliance and administrative hassles.
  • Offer a host of state-of-the-art, branded services to your organization that set us apart from brokers, consultants or compliance specialists.
  • Communicate in an efficient, forthright manner.